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Confused? See "Histoy of the Rettuli Empire" under my other comics. That'll give you some more info. Still confused? Yeah I don't blame you.  

War Epic

On hiatus

OKay....I don't pretend to be the best at what I do.


Heck I don't even pretend to be pretty good at what I do, so here's the scoop:

I was drawing out the next installment of War Epic and realized that it sucked.

I'm not that good at drawing, and I didn't want War Epic to be a laughing stock because I'm piss-poor at drawing buildings. I just simply can't continue because I feel I lack the skills to continue on. So War Epic is going to stand as what it is. I want to continue with Ghosts of Abbadon and maybe one day when I feel up to tackling it I'll take on War Epic again. I don't want to abandon it because I love this story and the characters, but that's all there is too it, I just can't do it without the story suffering because my lack of skills.


Thank you for reading. Please e-mail me at is you have any comments. 

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