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Confused? See "Histoy of the Rettuli Empire" under my other comics. That'll give you some more info. Still confused? Yeah I don't blame you.  

War Epic

On hiatus

This is Shiro Ryu. She's be making an appearance in War Epic soon enough.

Yeah, I know, I only post once a week and already filler? Sorry this 'trying to catch up' thing is a bit of a pain, I'll be sure to never do it again (that and I at least wanted to be in December, seeing as it's nearing the end of december as I post this). Still behind, gotta catch up.

The good news is I'm fairly AHEAD on Ghosts, which is good. I'm really enjoying writing it. The art's a bit more shaky even than War Epic, mostly because I don't have all the characters fully planned out, so I'm coming up with stuff as I go. It's pretty darn fun.

A new War Epic should be up in a day or two (It'll show up as a weeks difference if anyone's actually going through the archives).

 Yeah, I know, this is a comic, not a journal.

Back to drawing!!!! 

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