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Confused? See "Histoy of the Rettuli Empire" under my other comics. That'll give you some more info. Still confused? Yeah I don't blame you.  

War Epic

On hiatus

That's Seth, the Leader of the Hunters and Leos, the diplomat talking.

Yeah I know you don't know who either of them are. I'll get to them later.


That big spidery thing is a tank. Of sorts. It has lasers.



Ug I need to work on perspective. Actually I need to work on a lot.

Sorry getting angry with myself. I need more art skillz.  It seems like I take one step forward and two steps back with getting better with it, but I suppose all I can do is keep trying and practicing. It just makes me feel silly to have a rather good story that I want to invest myself in, but it  the bad art is taking away from the story. All I can promise is to try and get better.


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