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Updates whenever I have time
And away we go!

Yep. Those intrepid avian superheroes.
Man, I wish my job description included gallivanting.

Stan's is the best superhero specific housekeeping service out there.
Never presume a man does not have ninjas at his disposal.

Big tough superhero's afraid of a little ninja?
Ninji do not waste their breath on the inconsequential.

Why climb when you can walk?
The dungeon is where they store the jet fuel.

Ninjas have credit cards.

(But they steal them.)
And no loopholes!

It also cleans your wallet.
The Avian Avenger usually shops at the Super-Market.
Capes should be dry cleaned.
Hey, wouldn't you want to watch?
He forgot to clean the bats out of the dungeon.
More importantly, who would win: Tacos or Chili Cheese Fries?  (Either way, your intestines lose.)
"Ninja Turkey's Memoirs" will be a best-seller.
There are a lot of Red Ninjas.
Desert Eagle loves puns.
That's a Murphy's Law alarm.
The towel industry thinks this is a great move.
Zoning is very strict in Cage City.
The Avian Avenger is a sucker for puppy dog eyes.
Ninjas have the best holiday fireworks displays.
Peahens make good news reporters.
Enough dilly-dallying.
There's no place to land the jet downtown.
Chickens never drive sedans.
All cities have their villains.
Commercial Break!
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.
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