The first known le pingouink strip, dating from 1987.

And we run into our first problem of translation. "Dichotomous" was the best I could do from the context. The original author used very odd, sometimes nonsensical, often imaginary, word choices which make translation difficult. And the fact that all I've got is Grade 11 French to work with. I'm really not a good choice for doing these translations.

Yes, we learned the word "dichotomous" in Grade 11 French. I'm from Canada.

Most of the time it's safe to assume that any given strip is narrated by le pingouin, as is the case here.

Note the first known use of le pingouin's name, Shami. Some people might wonder about the speed at which the film The Princess Bride (1987) was translated and released in France. le pingouin may be referring to the book.
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