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If you took a boy from a cold wintry land and put him in faraway China, would he become an artist? That's the question J Jack Unrau tried to answer by digging a hole right through the globe and living where he ended up for two years.

If by "artist" you mean "person who can draw" he has come up with a definite no (but see below for the brains behind the pictures). If you mean "person who doesn't do anything obviously useful to society at large" he's all over it with affirmation.

He lives in Winnipeg now and someday he will make enough money to be able to pay his rent and buy groceries in the same month.

Happily, the person he once paid his rent to is also a person who will draw things. Her name is Alison Froese and she is an immensely talented, completely original artist, who has graciously allowed this derivative hack to add words to her pictures.

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