Heather McGinness ||   

I fell in love with video games when my Dad brought home an Odyssey 2 one fateful day. My now husband asked me on a second date after he saw I had been playing Final Fantasy 7. We even had our wedding reception at an arcade where people came dressed up as their favorite video game characters (I was a moogle to Brian's Donkey Kong) how nerdy is that?! Now I'm a Mom to 5 month old Clara and try to work in some form of gaming every day to keep sane. I've played almost every MMORPG but none captured my heart as much as World of Warcraft. My current main is a gruff dwarf warrior named Barleypop on Dark Iron(well, he is not very gruff actually. It's hard to be a rl girl playing a guy character!) You may also see me as Mopsa the Warlock (Whisperwind) or Poem the Druid (Scarlet Crusade). If you see me in game feel free to say hi! Since I have to hold Clara a lot, sometimes my husband will play WoW for me... a good way to tell if it is him playing is that Barleypop will be awesome and if it is me not so much. Eventually I will have at least weekly installments of "Mechanical Toad" as well as my original Fantasy comic "Sunshine" but right now I'm trying to get sleep whenever I can.. which is not very often.