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Bio: Pam Harrison has worked about 15 years in the graphic design industry, starting from the ground up and learning a number of skills from advertising, graphics and website design, Illustrator and has more recently been noted for 3D illustration. In June 2008, she will take on new challenges and responsibilities as faculty at her old alma mater, Louisville Technical Institute. She will be teaching night classes in 3DStudio Max, the very class that started this whole adventure in the first place--!

From 2005-2006, Pam was a regular face on the Cities Network, where she first made her name in gay and lesbian movie and book reviews, as well as landing her own weekly opinion column, "Speaking Of".

An aspiring comics artist since age 12, she eventually learned 3-D graphics, which became the basis for the illustrations in the published version of House of the Muses. Her connections at OIA soon landed her very first book review of House of the Muses in October 2007.

She lives in Vine Grove, KY with her partner of 17 years, four cats and three dogs. Their 18 year old son is in the Army now, and they all miss him terribly.

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