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Born in Manhattan, Ian K. is older than MTV but younger than Etch-A-Sketch?, making him contemporary with Lite-Brite?. Like his contemporary, Ian exists to entertain others; a skill he has been honing for 2 decades.

After attending White Plains High School, Ian went on to study Latin, German, Classical Greek, French, Theatre, and Linguistics at Roger Williams University in historic Bristol, RI.

At some point while trying his hand at retail management, playwriting, screenwriting, acting, juggling, painting, playing drums/ukulele, and bartending, Ian decided that writing comics was probably the best way to make use of his classical education and has devoted himself tirelessly to this task.

In his spare time, Ian spends time with friends, reads comics, and tries desperately to keep track of his ideas. He is also an international coordinator for One World by Night - this sometimes reminds him of retail management. He has made Warren Ellis admit to smiling.

Ian currently lives on Earth... with you.

Ian loves to here from readers and welcomes input, you can contact him by clicking here