Aimeski, Evil Girl Genius

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  1. It's as easy as...
  2. The Bluelight Joke
  3. Dirrty!
  4. Ain't no such thing as a free ride..
  5. As a wise man once said...
  6. We interrupt this program for a community service announcement:
  7. Shake it like an English nanny!
  8. The High Cost of Inner City Living
  9. Would you like a bag for that?
  10. Sustainable Shopping is Sensible Shopping (& other dirty hippie talk)
  11. ice. it's a _irty drug.
  12. Nipples!
  13. It's the thought that counts
  14. Doing her bit for diplomatic relations
  15. Pro-Choice, Anti-Precocious
  16. The Obligatory WoW Joke
  17. I would do anything for love (but I won't do that)
  18. Aimeski vs the Trade Practices Act
  19. Homeless (where the heart isn't)
  20. The life of the party
  21. Mama don't preach
  22. Aimeski's Guide to Scamming Tard Parks!
  23. Why you shouldn't cart your children around on a leash like unto a domestic animal
  24. Suicide Girl!
  25. Aimeski goes for gold!!
  26. Violence is never the answer (unless Aimeski's there for it)
  27. Aimeski hearts Britney
  28. Relationship Advice
  30. Supertard!!
  31. A Daughter's Love
  32. Asian Pride!
  33. Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
  34. The secret language of girls
  35. Gifts from a hippy
  36. Hippies are bad for your memory!
  37. Happy New Year from Aimeski!
  38. We'll make great pets
  39. What's in a name?
  40. Smoking hazard
  41. Fridged!
  42. Happy Valentine's Day Losers!
  43. Consolation Prize
  44. They Walk Among Us!!!
  45. A genius prank
  46. Internal Monologue
  47. Aimeski presents: A Pronunciation Guide
  48. That's What Friends Are For...
  49. Happy Easter from Aimeski!
  51. April Fools Day!
  52. Sometimes Evil trumps Genius...
  53. brella-brella-brella-ai-ai-ai-ai
  54. Return of the Mack
  55. Dissing her abilities
  56. Dining Like Pigs
  57. The Slavery Dilemma
  58. Some questions are best left unanswered
  59. Dear Dave
  60. Thinking Ahead
  61. Memories...
  62. Aimeski's Sewing Circle
  63. Death's Gamble
  64. Daddy's Little Girl
  65. If you're gonna do it a prank, do it right!
  66. Shopping Semantics
  67. Black Or White
  68. Positive Vibes
  69. A Lesson About Religious Tolerance
  70. Choices

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