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weekly with short seasonal breaks
These are very, VERY early character sketches for Skeary Winslow, The professor. Obviously, I abandoned most of the ideas in these. It would have a whole different feel if I had gone with the Jerry Garcia look of the bottom ones, don't you think?
Not quite as early as the ones for the Prof., These are design sketches for Rynn Darbus. Pretty much the same as he appears today, but with a bit more distinctive facial plumage. Darbus is one of the few characters that I really had a strong idea as to what he looked like before I sat down to do the design sketches.
Conceptual sketch for Hasazina tribesman. The Hasazina are one of the tribes attending the Orramoud gathering. More about the Hasazina in the next installment.
Here is a teaser. This airship appears in the next section of the story. Keep watch.
Character design sketches for Sergeant Aloysius Ackerby. The adventure continues Moday, Feb. 23
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