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[nemesis] Chapter 3


Ravenette inherited her powers from her parents, both second generation Numen. She also inherited a legacy of abuse and condescension towards the human race from her father and her grandfather. Ravenette's powers seem to be the ability to fly, a level of invulnerability, and super strength. She inherited the title of Ravenette from her mother, who was her father's companion and sidekick before retiring to raise children. Ravenette takes great pride in being able to trace her powers back to someone who fought in "The Invasion". Ravenette's father inherited his title from his father, the original Osprey. Because her father had a daughter, someone else took over the mantle of the Osprey when he decided to retire. As a favor to his old mentor, Commisioner Sparrowhawk took Ravenette into the police force as a detective. Back to the Cast Page


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