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[nemesis] Chapter 2

Commissioner Sparrowhawk

Commissioner Sparrowhawk began his career as sidekick to Osprey, back in the Invasion. Sparrowhawk was just a kid then, no older than eleven at the outset of the resistance. After the Invaders were repelled, Osprey and Sparrowhawk continued to work as a team. Osprey gave his superheroic identity to his own son, not Sparrowhawk when he decided to retire. This caused a strain between Sparrowhawk and the new Osprey, but they continued to work together anyway. Then after Osprey had a daughter, and announced he was handing the name to someone other than Sparrowhawk, things reached a breaking point. Sparrowhawk did not like the person chosen to become the new Osprey, and had grown tired of the derisive attitude his partners held towards humanity. Sparrowhawk told the family to cram it sideways and left, joining the police force in New Freetown shortly thereafter. He has now risen to the level of police commissioner, and has made great strides in improving human/numan relations in his city. After the new Osprey refused to work with Ravenette, Sparrowhawk allowed her to join his police force as one last favor to his old partners. Sparrowhawk's powers all have to do with his control over his own weight. He can make himself as light as a feather, or he can make himself up to three times his own body weight. He can also localize this control in specific parts of his body, such as his arm or feet. This allows him to leap miles at a time with little effort, and smash concrete blocks with relative ease. He genuinely cares for people, human and numan alike, and has little patience for bigots and snobs. Back to the Cast Page


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