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[nemesis] Chapter 2

Iron Arm Kincaid

US Marshal Eugene ?Ironarm? Kincaid has been in law enforcement for over twenty three years. In this time, Kincaid has acquired a truly impressive record of action, and with his cybernetic arm, he has acquired the reputation of being able to accomplish the impossible, pushing onwards when ordinary humans or Numen would quit. He has caught more numen and mutant criminals single-handedly than any other member of the law enforcement community, humans and numen alike. Some people say that he?s caught hundreds of criminals. The official records state that Ironarm has apprehended in excess of 350 criminals, over half of whom were powered. Kincaid says that?s about where he lost count.

Kincaid joined the FBI at the age of 27, and quickly began to rack up an impressive series of apprehensions, even amid growing concerns about the safety of human officers in the field. During one harrowing collar, in pursuit of a villain named The hurler, gene was involved in a tragic accident involving a buick and the side of a building. The operation to save his life took over 70 hours, and resulted in over 50% of his body being replaced with a cybernetic endoskeleton.

Kincaid?s right arm was severed mid humerus, and required replacement with a cybernetic limb. Initially, this arm was coated in a flesh colored rubberized plastic sheath, which was promptly destroyed the next time Kincaid went out into the field. After his fourth encounter with a suspect during a collar, it became clear that the arm with which kincaid had initially been outfitted would need to be replaced.The doctors chose an industrial manufacturing robot arm, modified to suit ironarm?s specific needs. An expert marksman, Kincaid laid his guns down, deciding to rely upon his new arm and his new endoskeleton to supply necessary force in the line of duty. Back to the Cast Page


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