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Hi! My artist name is Inkalill, real name Ingalill Roesberg. I live in Trondheim city, an old viking seat that was the kings city for many years in the past. Today it is the third biggest city in Norway, famous for its cathedral and university. We have got a rock museum, too. Ive created three major series: The Knights of Dor, Felina and the Miranda Books who are still coming out. I am working on book eight now in 2010. "Jack of Hearts" , "The Ring of Wishes" and "The Enchanting Horn" of The Knights of Dor, and "The Master of Colors", "The Battle of Sharpsfield", "The Battle for Arubia" and "The Emerald Mine" of the Miranda Books are translated to English by Lars Doucet, a great guy who is into invention games. Email is: Comments, questions and expression of feelings are welcome!