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Felina- The Silver Cross

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Newsletter will own things from decide. Had sold the first three psychic force weapon 'arc the knife dish, get 1.8 billion black dragon coin, buy slaves servant consumed 500 million black dragon coin, buy blue waves pulp consume more than 200 million, and the castle, warehouse base compared with fundamental is nothing. cheap beats Now and buy so many pure metal, their money is about 2.5 billion black dragon coin. "Baba tower, buy) uncover!" said. "Really buy?" Baba tower cannot help but asked. Peak nod. There are a lot of the universe to the body the treasures of the evolutionary beneficial. The better, the more amazing price of course! If buy 'before blue waves pulp, to do the strong body with star promoting effect, a gram of nine yuan! And level of apprentice practitioners effect extremely good, similar to the earth of the spirit of the vegetation of the stuff, the price is only about one over one thousand of the blue waves pulp. And ) buy the dew, the price is very cheap, are some of the common wealth family drinks. According to kg deals are due. 1 kg) the dew, for 1 black dragon coin! "Are you sure?) tower, 15 ml) of infidelity, can let the earth higher number member schools evolve into 'apprentice first-order & # 39;?" asked again. "Rest assured, absolutely no problem!!!!! beats You are to those who buy 'students, drink, the higher their first order is not even an apprentice! Good thing they couldn't digest. To them this physical quality, 15 ml) uncover absolutely surprise effect." Baba tower said "you have not rely on the earth the person making money, but for now they spend so much compared gold." "Buy, buy...... one hundred thousand tons of purple Lou!" said. "So much? Are you sure?" Sure! " nod. Moving the dew density than water to small, 15 ml) of dew is probably around 1 g. One kilogram) uncover, can let a-in those schools evolve into higher students practitioners! A ton, is 10000 people! One hundred thousand tons, enough to make IJI b people become practitioners!" I'm a strong person, it is to cannot let the earth person rise, only to let all the stronger. "" but I can do, only can be in the force next to add! Real efforts by countless earth or winter. beats dr dre " secretly way. The earth practitioners number very few! Person and the proportion of kung fu practitioner, almost 1:1, so the whole earth practitioners, and 'higher students, but great....... Although a high school three of higher student, almost 1:1 proportion and # 39; but the martial arts students most were higher in twenty years old! The earth, ordinary people and the martial arts higher proportion of students, is almost IQI, this or a lot of people don't feel hope is to give up's sake. 1:1, I should let each of the martial arts students can become' kung fu practitioner,! This way, the earth 700 million people have 70000 practitioners!" "People know to higher student, can is transformed into a kung fu practitioner must add spell". Perhaps will increase the proportion of 5, can have a to higher students! " looking forward to! Earth practitioners quantity, once millions! Guidelines, and practitioners can absorb the universe of energy, you will be gradually evolve. So the evolution of the huge crowd, can make the earth the whole human genes greatly evolution! Maybe in twenty years, kung fu practitioner number, hundreds of years later, the earth is probably all practitioners!

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