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mary J (pywacket) says: AHA!  Separating testicles from the "2009?" ice sculpture is as humerus as the tongue stuck on the flag pole in a "Christmas Story"  !! I LOVE IT!~
Aaron C. (captaingeech) says: Oh, I think we're all talking about "my junk"
Aaron C. (captaingeech) says: The trump card to any debate =)
Aaron C. (captaingeech) says: There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who love ABBA, and those who secretly love ABBA. I made that up myself.
Aaron C. (captaingeech) says: Brilliant!
Glen Williams (doctorhu) says: That's still stimulating the brain, isn't it? Isn't it?
Glen Williams (doctorhu) says: And here I am, laughing my ass off at your archives at a time when I promised myself I'd be working on a new manuscript. The appropriateness of this is not lost on me.
Glen Williams (doctorhu) says: And for the record: Ginger.
Glen Williams (doctorhu) says: From this point on, my go-to hot-button topic will be "the rise of rampant Zoroastrianism."
Kim Chetney (kisscousin) says: Ah, come on! I'm with Rambo. Star Trek was mindless fun! And Scotty was funny! 
Shin Jimbo (shin_jimbo) says: Star trek was pretty cool actually - the first prequel/rehash i've seen for this sort of genre movie which was not complete garbage. The star trek movie before this one, however, was complete garbage despite it containing 2 Picards.

The Wolverine movie however would most certainly fit this comic's message perfectly in every aspect. - snikt snikt...
Robert Robbins (rsrobbins) says: Mein Gott! Es ist wunderbar.
Glen Williams (doctorhu) says:

Oh, the number of times I've actually had this conversation with somebody. It's disturbing.

I couldn't find contact information for you, so I'm abusing your comment box. I have some fan art for you if you'd like it:

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