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Fourth Wall Alien

Traditionally the fourth wall protects the denzins of literature, comics and film from the audience. But Bunnee's stupidity brought the wall down quicker than a John Byrne run on She-Hulk. The Fourth Wall alien killed Spambot and attacked Bunnee. Luckily Monstar managed to chop some of its fingers off, it lost an eye and may have suffered some brain damage and a busted ear drum. All in all, probably the worst invasion since "Independence Day" (even if Will Smith was getting "jiggy with it"). With its fingers now frozen in Monstar's freezer, will this be the last we see of the disfigured Fourth Wall creature? Back to the Cast Page
Jacen Carpenter ||   

Jacen Carpenter fights crime by day in the town of Longreach, Queensland, Australia as a Solicitor but by night he lets his "inner" Monstar loose! ... full profile