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Monstar- The Webcomic!


Codename: Jinx

Real Name: Unknown

Affiliation: The Revengers

Powers: Jinx has the power of bad luck. Unfortunately it's more of a curse than an actual power. He is generally unlucky all of the time but occasionally he gets headaches, which he calls "bursts".These bursts are his body expelling a build up of bad luck. Sometimes he can channel that bad luck through his fingers to sort out a bad guy, but most times he just ends up dying in some horribly tragic and unlucky way (check out the Darwin Awards each year- most of them are Jinx!). The only good luck Jinx has is that he's immortal and is reborn a few minutes later each time he dies. Back to the Cast Page
Jacen Carpenter ||   

Jacen Carpenter fights crime by day in the town of Longreach, Queensland, Australia as a Solicitor but by night he lets his "inner" Monstar loose! ... full profile