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Monstar- The Webcomic!


Monstar was created for the Pulp Faction Monthly Comic Challenge in 2005. He has appeared regularly in various Monthly Comic Challenges because Jacen's too lazy to come up with new ideas. Monstar even starred in a 24Hour Comic in 2006. Currently Monstar is unaware of his origins (the writer's trying to build a little Mulder/ Scully kissing tension) but he's taken on a Spambot, a 4th Wall alien and even his mirror universe counterpart!

See "Jealousy" for more mysterious information about the origins of Monstar. Back to the Cast Page
Jacen Carpenter ||   

Jacen Carpenter fights crime by day in the town of Longreach, Queensland, Australia as a Solicitor but by night he lets his "inner" Monstar loose! ... full profile