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Monstar- The Webcomic!

Hayden Fryer (laocorn) says: "Pull for Service... heheheh"
Tim Pearson (demongoldfish) says: bah ha ha ha ha ha
Trev Wood (trevwood) says: So that's one stiff making another one?
Jacen Carpenter (jacen) says: In the words of my "mentor" Kevin Smith- "Everybody loves dick and fart jokes!"
Hayden Fryer (laocorn) says:

Heheh, for all your delicate medical cutting work, use "Handy-Saws"!

 Thanks Jacen, this rocks!

tonia walden (tonia) says: Oooh, a crossover...
Jacen Carpenter (jacen) says: Yes Tonia- but not just a cross over with a couple of chainsaws. In the coming issues you'll see Billy the Demon Slayer, Jesus and the Easter Bunnee!
Tim Pearson (demongoldfish) says: he he.. plug.
Hayden Fryer (laocorn) says:

You know Billy would just win the game... His Way.

 Heh :) Thanks for the kudos Jacen!

Hayden Fryer (laocorn) says: Heheh... love it.
Tim Pearson (demongoldfish) says: it just keeps gettin better
Hayden Fryer (laocorn) says:

But wasn't Jesus a vampire? :P

tonia walden (tonia) says: I'm a bit scared as to where this is heading...
Tim Pearson (demongoldfish) says: oh.. my.. god... i think i just died
Trev Wood (trevwood) says: Jace your art is just getting better and better and your mind more twisted
Tim Pearson (demongoldfish) says: bah ha ha ha ha ha ha!! brilliant!
Hayden Fryer (laocorn) says:

Puns, gotta love 'em :)

Hayden Fryer (laocorn) says: Shlorp... shlorp! I don't wanna know what you were thinking of for that sound affect
Laura Seabrook (lauraseabrook) says: Burn, Baby, burn!
Dave Willon (hearmes) says:

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