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Monstar- The Webcomic!

tonia walden (tonia) says: Love the silhouette panel.
Trev Wood (trevwood) says: Jacen you just keep getting better and better and better and so on...
tonia walden (tonia) says: Heh, heh Facebook envy - Merry Christmas Jacen.
Creators (sockpuppetcomics) says: oh that's just brilliant Jacen! a crossover with a link on your page!
Hayden Fryer (laocorn) says:

"Bigger than Jesus"

Damn I love this series :D

Hayden Fryer (laocorn) says: Heheh... it's funny coz it's all true. :P
Hayden Fryer (laocorn) says: "fatality"
Hayden Fryer (laocorn) says: Yeah the whole "OMD" thing seems like a massive cop-out, but knowing how quickly they've done this, the whole status quo will be back at the end of the "BND" series.
Hayden Fryer (laocorn) says:

Heheh, wasn't expecting that!

Anthony Earl (antains) says:

Ant Music got stuck in his ribs. Why didn't anyone comment on that?

Or could an early single of You Am I's have done the same job?  


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