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Monstar- The Webcomic!

Boy...250 episodes (not counting all the specials, one-offs and fill in issues). Thanks to everyone who tunes in regularly and a BIG thanks to those tuning in for the first time. Hope you stick around and check out the last 249 episodes. And if they don't tickle your fancy, coming up is a killer cameo from an Australian comic icon, superhero shenanigans, spacemen, time travel, yeti's, monster hunters, the return of Death, a showdown with the Devil, millions of bad puns, dick and fart jokes and much, much more. Let us boldly go where everyone has gone before.....
Anthony Earl (antains) says:

So, if I've read this right and followed the eyes correctly, Monstar has a big, fat soul and it's inhabited Bunnee's body.


Eeerrrrrrrrrrggggh, wtf? 

Jacen Carpenter (jacen) says:

Close but no cigar- the reasons behind the body swapping will be revealed next issue...but yes, Monstar is now a white bunny and Bunnee is now a monster (I call them Bunstar and Munnee)!

Creators (sockpuppetcomics) says: Congratulations Jacen on such an impressive achievement. I'm biased however, your strip is my favourite webcomic.
Anthony Earl (antains) says: To steal from Homer Simpson: He is handsome in that ugly sort of way.
Hayden Fryer (laocorn) says:


 I finally remembered my password to this account :P

And now I have had a heap of comments to make going back weeks worth of pages, I can't remember any of them.

 Except, when's the Bunny vs 'Roo fight? (I got a $5er on the rabbit)

Anthony Earl (antains) says: BUNNEEEEEEEEEE!
Anthony Earl (antains) says:

Ooh, forboding.


Anthony Earl (antains) says:

awww, I dunno about that big killeroo, Jacen. I tink he's up to sumfin.


Jacen Carpenter (jacen) says:

Perhaps he is Anthony, perhaps he is...but don't count Bunnee out just yet.

NEXT ISSUE: The FIGHT that absolutely NO-ONE (except Hayden Fryer) has been asking for: BUNNEE vs KILLEROO. Introduced Pest versus Native Pest in a no holds barred comic crossover "donnybrook"!

Anthony Earl (antains) says: Geez, that guy in the fourth wall dimension really needs to get a life. Imagine obsessing about Monstar for so long... :P
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