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Monstar- The Webcomic!

Anthony Earl (antains) says: Tis but a flesh wound!
Anthony Earl (antains) says:

You're not "hideously ugly."

You're hideous and ugly, but they are two distinct characteris...

 Um, good work, Jacen. Keep 'em comin'.

 Ant. :)

P.S. Where's Monstar's Movember Mo?

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says: Maybe it's short for "hydrofluoric acid"?  Can she make acid rain?  My guess is that this involves Monsoon and time travel ... but hey, that's just me ...
Jacen Carpenter (jacen) says:

Anthony- Trust me- there will be MO next issue! And they shall be hideous and ugly.

Ed- It's funny you should mention Monsoon, because she makes a guest appearance next issue- but her being the mother would be too obvious, wouldn't it? And we still don't know if Monstar is the father...although Bunnee will be conducting some tests over the next few episodes. This mystery will be on-going and Flaccid will be sticking around as a recurring character.

Anthony Earl (antains) says: YAY! Movember! Bunnee's in the 2nd panel is my favourite as a standalone mo. Monstar's facial follicles in the first panel is my out and out favourite, though.
Jacen Carpenter (jacen) says: Anthony, Monstar's "Mo Burns" in the first panel is based on a friend in Longreach's moustache. It's a corker!
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

That's it, Monstar and Monsoon were engaged in scientific research ... there certainly was enough "boink"ing going on ...

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