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Monstar- The Webcomic!

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Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Moving, moving, moving ...
Cattle-ness he's proving ...
Off to S.A. moving,

Thieves had better hustle!
Some cattle they will rustle!
Monstar hides and thus'll
Travel far ...
Caught by Captain Starlight,
Who'll beat you in a bar fight!
His politics are far right,
They are!

Hiding out in the herd, in the herd hiding out,
Hiding out in the herd, Mon-Star!
Draw the toon, post the page!  Post the page, draw the toon!
Draw the toon!  Post the page ...

(Theme from the TV Show "Rawhide".  Thank you.)

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Jacen Carpenter fights crime by day in the town of Longreach, Queensland, Australia as a Solicitor but by night he lets his "inner" Monstar loose! ... full profile