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Jackit is teenage water mentalist, who's best childhood friends are with the fire mentalist Sara and Diddy but also hang. After saving his world from the evil Shadow Claw, he became known as the planet's hero. Now days, he mostly plays Nintendo games ... more
Fire mentalist and closest friend to Jackit. The two of them have been friends since childhood and have had several adventures together to protect the planet/universe/etc. Unlike Jackit, Sara often spends her spare time with athletics.... ... more
Tim is a wind mentalist. He is much more quiet then the other four. He also is the wisest of the four and often can recite words of wisdom from the top of his head.... ... more
Earth mentalist who is a master swordsman of Weyard. He met up with Jackit and Sara on their first adventure to save the world and has been a close companion of the Jackit group ever since. He's the oldest of the bunch.... ... more
Though he appears just to be a puppy. Lucpuppy is more than he appears to be on the surface. He can communicate with other mentalist through mental waves. Though in comics they usually come up as speech bubbles. ... more
Shadow Claw:
An evil organization lead by a Lion Cub who can stand on two feet named E.Y.E.S. The Shadow Claw normally are Lion Cubs of a wide assortment, making it easy to interchange the words Lions Cubs and Shadow Claw. The term Shadow Claw is just used to describe ... more
Supporting Cast: Bob and Steve Diddy Kong Gossipe Kong Shanna
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