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Jackit is an teenage water mentalist and a well-known hero of his area. In the world of Weyard there are many people who are gifted with a set of elemental powers. The ancient type not the periodic table type. Water Mentalist can wield the power of water and ice, Fire Mentalist can wield the power of fire, and etc. Their elemental gift used to been forced secret from non-mentalist, however, since these days there are more mentalist than non-mentalist in Weyard and because of Jackit's heroic deeds, Mental powers no longer have to be kept secret.

His days of hero started after one day when Diddy convinced him and Sara to sneak onto the elders boat. He along with Sara, Tim, and Joe ended up taking over the elders mission of bring life back to the lighthouse while fending off the Shadow Claws who appeared to be trying to stop it. However, it turns out that they were stalling so their leader Lord Lion, knowed by anyone not evil as L.L. could gather the resources needed to wield it's full power. It was after the last lighthouse was lit that Jackit was reviled as the hero of his generation. With the help of his allies he was able to reach where the power met and then fend the Shadow Claws away from the power.

Usually genital and quite, he has however developed a desire for electronics. *cough*video games*cough*. He is however, a good-willed person and makes sure that he uses his popularity as inspiration to be a good role model. He usually doesn't try and starts fights but he will stick up to close friends if needed.

He and Joe are the only main characters who actually know that I'm drawing web comics based on what happens around the home front during this era of peace but not in a fourth wall sense. They actually interact with me as a character in their world. Like myself, Jackit wants the word of his comic series to reach as many people as humanly possible Back to the Cast Page
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