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Though he appears just to be a puppy. Lucpuppy is more than he appears to be on the surface. He can communicate with other mentalist through mental waves. Though in comics they usually come up as speech bubbles.

The best way to describe Lucpuppy is to say that he is Jackit's trainer. He is the close hand of the force of light incarnated in the form of a puppy. His purpose is to make to make sure Jackit will continue to be able to fight of the "Minions of Darkness" mostly the Shadow Claws.

Because of his stats, he is immortal, yet he is unable to fight unless the rules of Weyard, (or in this case the comic), are broken. He also as an odd fond of Hillside Dew. (If you can't guess what Hilliside Dew is the Weyaran form of a certain soda for you.) Back to the Cast Page
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