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Shadow Claw:

An evil organization lead by a Lion Cub who can stand on two feet named E.Y.E.S. The Shadow Claw normally are Lion Cubs of a wide assortment, making it easy to interchange the words Lions Cubs and Shadow Claw. The term Shadow Claw is just used to described anyone who decides to be alliance with E.Y.E.S and his Lion Cubs.

They are the main forces of evil in Weyard making them Jackit's main nemesis. In the villain ranking chart they're probably right underneath Ganadorf's minions in ranks of power when the true leader is around. When it's just E.Y.E.S I guess right above K.Rool...in terms of Nintendo minions?

I don't know too many of them... However I think Fat Cubs minions have the IQ of a Goomba. Back to the Cast Page
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