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You like gym class?  No?  Then you'll love this web comic!... probably... ._.

Hmmm... Elemental School, yet another idea for expanding the Jackit and Friends unvirse that got pushed under the rug... :(

Unless you count "Detention with Mr. Resetti" as part of it.  But that something completly different.  Perhapse I'll post spin-off comics here in the future.  In the meantime you can check them out in my NP comic thread.


There's a wide variety of them including Bob and Steve starring a pair of fail Kritter Agents and a series staring Gossipie Kong which I think you got a sneak peek of in the last Halloween comic.  There are also a couple that don't really fit into the Jackit and Friends series so I just labeled them as "Etc. Comics" as well...

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