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These stories take place recently after one of Jackit's latest hero vs. villain adventures.
(So expect more humor than crime fighting)

Jackit and friends live in a world full of Mentalist..... just think of them as Adapts from the Golden Sun games and you should be on the right track. Not everyone is a Mentalist but most of the main characters in the comics are, just so your not too shocked when you see people wielding elemental powers. However, I cannot promise that happening alot in these comics. (Humor is the bigger focus for now)

So many of the characters in comic have this Mental power.  Jackit is a Water Mentalist, Sara is a Fire Mentalist, Tim is a Wind Mentalist, and Joe is an Earth Mentalist.  As you may have guess each of them have powers they can wield that relate to their Elemental type.

For more information about the cast, check out the cast section of the web series.  Or check out my page on the Nintendo Pals site for the latest comics before they ever make it here as well as various character facts, updates, and special features.



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