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Jackit and Friends is back! At least on this site.  While I've been gone I've made plenty of comics.  So to make up for old times, I'll share 3 parts of my biggest arch one day after another.

Jackit and Friends is back! At least on this site.  I've honestly made a lot of comics over at Nintendo Worlds, now called Nintendo Pals but I've honestly forgotten about this site for a while.  Though I now got 100+ comics there so I'll have plenty to share with you guys.

To make up for being gone so long, (For the few people who actually cared, I'll update the first 3 parts of this comic arch one day after another.  Then hopefully I'll go back to the once a week thing until I forget about this site again.  Actually I might do twice a week just for this arch.

 Anyways this arch is about Jackit and Sara going into the retro land of the Mushroom Kingdom.  You can be certain that fun shall persue since this is by far the biggest comic arch I've ever done. :D

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