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New addition to the Jackit's 8-bit Adventure arch.

Yet another guest starring appearance of Bwing the Thing.  In case you didn't catch it in his last appearance.  Bwing was made by a comic making buddy of mine a long time ago and he let me use his character in this arch.

Here's a URL to his comic thread, though he doesn't make web comics anymore. :(


Like the comic explains, Bwing is whatever you what him to be.  All the things he's been compared to so far include... a Rayman rip-off, a rabbit, and a mutant Toad.  Ultamitely he's just a "thing" but what he resembles is up to the eyes of the beholder. :P

Anyways, we finally get a taste of the TRUE villians of the Jackit unvirese.  Meet a member of the Shadow Claw or more speciaifly, Fat Cub, he's just what he looks like, a setrotypical big/strong yet dum minion.  They're are actually several Fat Cubs in the Shadow Claw because what kind of evil orginization is complete without a minion who is stupid enough to ruin even the best of evil plans. :P  Yes, the Shadow Claw is made-up of mostly Lion-like baddies... .__.

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