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A never before seen version of Part 3 of the Sara's stalker arch!

Well this was were I got the inspiration for this arch from


 I've searched far and wide for part 2 or even a full episode link but couldn't find anything. :(  But those who've seen that show especially the Japanaese orginal will know what I'm talking about.

Just use your imaginations... the more you use that the funnier it is. (Also the dirty it gets...)  Also take good note of EVERYONE's facial expressions. XD (then again that is part of the humor and part of why I tuned it down for the kiddy Nintendo Pals.  This is probalby the closest I'll ever get to a non-kid friendly comic and it's not even that bad.  It might change the way you think of Joe forever though. >_<)

 Oh there is one more part to be posted next week so stay tuned.

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