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Jackit 8-bit showdown a follow-up arch to Jackit 8-bit Adventure has begun!  Check it out for plenty of 8-bit fun!

Yea I know I said I was done with archs for a while... but that was before I realized I never posted this up so enjoy two archs back to back. :P

 Plus this is 8-bit style so it's techincally a completly different style.  Honestly I think my 8-bit showdown video version of this is better if you want to watch it go check out this video link.


 Oh the orignal 8-bit arch is also up on You Tube so you can check that out here as well.



If you rather see them in comic form go a little back for the orignal and tune in tommrrow for the next part, that's right since I've just givin you a link to the arch ahead of time I'm gonna make more frequent updates just for this arch.

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