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New Jackit and Friends Comic up.  Prepare for trouble and make it double.  No, it's not Team Rocket but a pair of just as much fail if not more. :P

Thought I was done with the 8-bit comics did ya?  Well this is the last one using sprites I got under my belt for awhile so next week we'll go back to good old hand drawn, Photoshoped colored web comics.  Promise.

In case you dont' know, Scratch and Grounder are a bumbling duo from the old Sonic Adventure TV series.  I've never seen the show, (besides the internet of course), they're just one of those guys that are so fall they're win win. XD

Oh yea credits, I almost forgot. This was the orginal sprite sheet I used for Scratch and Grounder.  Credtis are on this sprite sheet as well so I figured I would save some confusing by just posting it here.

Oh Sonic sonic sprites probably came from Shy Guy Kingdom ripped right from a Sonic game and I've explained where the Sara sprite came from before already.

Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts sprite sheet

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