Watch out! Silvermanzeit!!
Common Symptoms

Common Symptoms

Whenever possible


Jack Silverman
Hey look everybody, the snooty author made himself as the main character! BOOO. He thought comic book world would be easy when he started writing, but no! How DO you kill an immortal Nazi? Just call me Ass Mann!! ... more
Mann Mann
The snooty author's lovely assistant. He's not as dumb as one would think! Unfortunately, he draws large masses of single women. Boy does he have a temper! If only he wasn't scared of everything. ... more
Josef Mengele
The first immortal Nazi! He and his fellow Nazi doctors discovered immortality through their experiments in the death camps. Dead Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies etc. keep him alive! He just won't tell how. (I wish I didn't keep drawing him like a prettier ver ... more
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Hi! I'm an artist. I do lots of artsy things that I do not wish to list. I'm also gay and transsexual. I probably won't hang out with you unless you're special. Bye! ... full profile