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Conny, 6
Here she is, on her first day of school. A bright, shiny girl, eager to learn and make friends. And then there's Conny. She sees the school for the lair of evil it is. ... more
Conny, 14
When we first met Conny in the pages of Vaehling's superhero book "Reception Man", she was about fourteen and hunting vampires. At that point, she had been at it for at least eight years. ... more
Mina is Conny's best friend, and that's all she needs to know about her. ... more
Mrs van Ehlsing
The problem with a daughter like Conny is, you never really get her. Even if you think you do. ... more
Supporting Cast: Reception Man


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Max Vähling (aka Jähling) is a German comics artist and self-publisher. He has been dubbed "uncrowned king of underground comics", but, being uncrowned, nobody noticed. ... full profile