Fridays, usually before 8am EST
Conny, 14

14-year old Conny is all you can wish for in a young monster hunter. Alive, for starters. And really, really good at hunting monsters. And still sensitive to the existence of monsters in the first place. That part gets less self-evident the older you get. Growing up means learning to cope with reality on its terms. So if reality tells you, for example, that there can't really be a creature that turns people into similar creatures by biting them, which it does every night, which means that the sheer numbers of original bitees and the snowballing numbers of second-and-up-generations of such creatures would have taken over the world long ago - see what I mean? It's unrealistic, therefore it must be unreal.

A monster hunter can't afford to deal with reality on its terms. She must maintain her own terms. Back to the Cast Page


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