Fridays, usually before 8am EST
Reception Man

Broder Bartz is the receptionist of a local radio station. He gained strange powers in an accident involving several antennas, two criminals and a cat. Now he is RECEPTION MAN, self-made superhero. He even has his own series (currently not on WCN).

Conny is a big fan. After all, he does what she can hardly get away with - fight evil, stay up late, be his own boss (except in his day job, of course) - they say he even flunked math, like Conny!

Well, obviously that's before she meets him in person... Back to the Cast Page


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Max Vähling (aka Jähling) is a German comics artist and self-publisher. He has been dubbed "uncrowned king of underground comics", but, being uncrowned, nobody noticed. ... full profile