Maybe this year?
Previously ...
Evil genius MOBILE MAN has robbed Olga of all her secret knowledge, including the memories of her own identity. Will the experts in Radio W.H.I.P.'s Q&A session know the answers to her questions?
The breathtaking finale of Olga's origin story takes us back to where the story began. Or where it ended, at the beginning, before the flashback. Anyway, to the offices of Radio W.H.I.P.!
Thus concludes "Olga's Secret Origin". Olga and I will take a short break (for a couple of weeks). In the meantime, feel free to check out my other series Conny Van Ehlsing: Monster Hunter, which has nothing to do with spies whatsoever, but it's really fun and there will be a new adventure in a week or so. And I'm really just making it so complicated to lure you into using the mailing list or the rss feed.
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