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Monday, Wednesday and Friday

This is the first page I had to scrap and start over on. The original page contained a highly detailed illustration of the landing between the two bedrooms at the top of the stairs. Charles was standing at the bottom of the stairs while jake rushed back and forthin the foreground across the landing between the two door. The problem is that there's no way to draw this so that a reader can recognise it. It's a jumbled mess of short walls, stairs, railings, door frames and slanted ceilings that, even when drawn as accurately as possible, are still hard to identify. So I ditched the whole idea and just decieded to but Charles and Jake on the same floor, with Jake still running back and forth in the forground.

So anyway, this strip introduces Charles. 2 tthings:

1. Charles is always eating a bowl of something.

2. Charles, like everyone at our house, often eatc his meals in the middle of the night.

MeiLin Miranda (meilin) says:

I hear you're having trouble finding chocodiles. I wish I were kidding.

Jake Richmond (jakerichmond) says:

Thanks for posting the link. Chocodiles now is my prefered internet chocodiles vendor. Please stay away from FRESHCHOCODILES.COM !

Iris Seaton (mouse_of_doom) says:

That is a perfect Charlie XD

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