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Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Hi! If you're a refugee from Drunk Duck, welcome. I'm not sure how long it will take to get stuff sorted out over there, but in the meantime I'll continue to post here on a regular schedule. Please comment!

And remember, you can follow me on twitter @ModestMedusa.

Shauna Myers (butcherknife) says:

I am a refugee. Great work! Always lots of fun to read :)

Mallory Winsor (fawnzie) says:

what happened over at Drunk Duck? 

i always like reading about Medusa over here. She is so cute! and I love her snakes :D

Ashley Davis (dualmoon) says:

Well, your comic is entertaining enough to gain ranks with XKCD and VGCats in my google reader. Congrats! :P

todd kiester (handyhippie65) says:

stepson did this once, that's why i have a hid-a-key outside.  hope dd get's fixed soon.

kevin rodriguez (bakaneko) says:

what?! i am no longer the lone voice in the wilderness!? damn you jake i thought we had something special!!

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