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Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Drunk Duck is still having problems, but in the meantime feel free to post here!

kevin rodriguez (bakaneko) says:

medusa i choose you! chocodiles attack! it's super effective!

kevin rodriguez (bakaneko) says:

ok i take back that comment from the last page... too much time in the navy. but i do have a question... where can i get chocodiles?!

Edwin Quantrall (reynard) says:

Oh no! Death (by Chocodile) from above!

Jake Richmond (jakerichmond) says:

Kevin, get our Chocodiles here:

Mallory Winsor (fawnzie) says:

everytime i read these i want Chocodiles.. then i forget.

kevin rodriguez (bakaneko) says:

jake... you know the way to my heart... i will cherish this always...

todd kiester (handyhippie65) says:

i wish it would rain chocodilles at my house!  though i don't know how effective of a weapon they would be, unless you were fighting the munchies! lol!  

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