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Monday, Wednesday and Friday

I appriciate you guys posting here while Drunk Duck is down. Please don't be shy! post a smuch as you want!

Del akando (delakando) says:

Welcome back!

kevin rodriguez (bakaneko) says:

eat that! jake 0 medusa chocodile!

Dirk Bolero (dirkbolero) says:

Man chocodiles sound so good right now but I am allergic.

Why haven't they told her they were going to take her with them? It would certainly change her mind about killin their d00ds. Or is that next comic?

A Dela (mendicantbias00) says:

I do believe that panel 2 is the first lolMedusa!  :D

Dread Lord CyberSkull (cyberskull) says:

The meme doesn't really explain what happens next.

P M (delroland) says:

Reposted from my comment on the blog for the perusal of all:

1) As a snakey-type critter, doesn't Medusa have to eat meat? Or is her stomach some sort of sugar-powered fusion device? If any kid I knew had eaten as many Chocodiles as she seems to have, they would be blowing chocolate-and-creme chunks everywhere; the same with any carnivorous pet I can think of.

2) Does the food her snake hair eats feed Medusa?

3) Do Medusa's (or her snakes') fangs deliver poison?

Vlad Long (mrttao) says:

Finally signed up for a webcomicsnation account so I could post here, since DD is so broken.

Anyways, I have the same questions as delroland + a few more:

1. Can she see what the eyes on her snake hair sees?

2. I noticed that when she was asleep her snakes were awake, do the snakes ever "sleep"?

3. How autonomous are the snakes? can they disagree with her? Do they each have a nerve bundle in their heads which serves as their own brain? if so, are they all connected directly to her main brain?

PS. she is the most cutest most adorable medusa ever!

kevin rodriguez (bakaneko) says:

@ PM i was actually thinking of question 2 my self.

Jake Richmond (jakerichmond) says:

Del" 1. Not sure. I bet she eats whatever I eat (which is mostly Gyros and Mexican food). We'll be looking into that more in the strip eventually.

2. I don't want to say yet because I have a strip planned around it.

3. Yes. It hasn't come up yet, but it will.

Jake Richmond (jakerichmond) says:



1. Apparently she can. or maybe the snakes just tell her what they see?

2. Sure. I imagine usually one or tow of them are asleep. If you don't see them in a panel, they're probably hanging limply behind her, snoring.

3. They seem to be seperate creatures, depsite being attached to her head. I'm guessing they have their own brains. Actually, it may be Medusa that doesn't have a brain. The snakes may act  as a distributed intelligence.

Jay Thompson (afrokingj) says: I have a question. Do Medusa gain the Petrification powers at Puberty or is the petrification thing a rumor.
todd kiester (handyhippie65) says:

medusa-1, jake -0. round one to the underdog. round two, begin! lol!

Jake Richmond (jakerichmond) says:

Jay: Not sure about the Petrification powers yet. I have some ideas, but I'm saving them for later.


And to whoever posted the comment about it raining chocodiles, I think I accidentally deleted it. Sorry!

Troy Stevens (maldar) says:

I want this, at least the last 3 panels, on a T-Shirt.

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