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Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Come see me at the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, Oregon this weekend! Get a sketch, try on the Medusa hat and buy a t-shirt or Modest Medusa con book!

kevin rodriguez (bakaneko) says:

long panel is long...

Jay Thompson (afrokingj) says: i dled this strip and then flipped it because i coulda swor medusa was smiling. upon further looking and deep reflection. It looks more like she's realizing that provoking jake a mistake also she wants that game. while jake realizes he's going to hit the ground and possibly at that angle break his neck. while i hope that medusa gets caught i hope jake adjusts his landing
Eric Queen (maninblack) says:

Watch out for the snakes, they are going to bite!

Eric Queen (maninblack) says:

One more thing, this would make a great bookmark

Vlad Long (mrttao) says:

I hope they survive.

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