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Monday, Wednesday and Friday

This one was fun. From left to right: Clop (the name I gave my character in White), Ben Hsu of Dubious Company, Faith Maxwell (my old boss), Matt Schlotte (who I designed Panty Explosion with) and his daughters Sydney and Maddox (who the Medusa is mostly based on), Josie Ark of Love in Idleness, Nick Smith of The Tulip Academy's Society for Dangerous Gentlemen and (of course) Marah, the Medusa and myself.

MeiLin Miranda (meilin) says:

Ahahaha! I knew that was Josie the minute I looked at the page! Thanks, when she sees this she'll fall over laughing!

Sierah Schappert (neon_green_ninja) says:

Hey, thats Nick!!

You did a really good job on him, I immediately recognized him :)

Eric Queen (maninblack) says:

And no one sees the Medusa?? Looks like Jake is sleep standing

kevin rodriguez (batman) says:

i wonder if the snakes are back seat gamers...

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