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Monday, Wednesday and Friday



1. That's a can of Arizona Green tea with honey in the first panel. I drink two of these a day. I really, really prefer thier Lemon tea, but no stores in my part of twon carry it (I have no idea why).

2. On Monday I asked you guys to click the TWC button up above to help Modest Medusa climb up the Top Web Comics ranks. Holy crap! In 2 days we went from... well, from whatever (500 something?) to 119! Thanks guys! Of course, Modest Medusa will only continue to advance if you keep voting. So please keep voting. If we can get into the top 50 I promise that I'll go back to doing funny comics instead of nightmare serpent mouth comics.

Jay Thompson (afrokingj) says: And Now the Mystery Begins
The Auld Grump (theauldgrump) says:

Somebody watched Hellboy before bed....

Eric Queen (maninblack) says:

Not a good dream there

Shauna Myers (butcherknife) says:

What button do I need to click on? My vote will definitely go to you if I can find the button!!!

Jake Richmond (jakerichmond) says:

Opps! Shauna, I copied this over from the MM site on Drunk Duck, forgetting that I hadn't uploaded the button here. I'll see about doing that this evening when I make the Friday update.

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