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Fattypneumonia asked me to post this:

"Wow, your voters are rabid maniacs. Number 54 with a bullet! Should easily go up to the 40's by the end of the month! Let your readers know two things re: TWC:

1. They should remember to vote EVERYday, not just the days you update. Every vote helps!

2. Also, you can vote MORE than once per day, as long as you vote from a different IP address. TWC allows, and encourages, muliple daily votes. For example, I vote once daily on my home computer, and once on my cell phone. That's like 60 votes a month instead of 30!"

kevin rodriguez (batman) says:

52 now... man i will be honest i saw this coming. keep it up. soon your going to have to do some voting incentives!

Jay Thompson (afrokingj) says: ya know if this strip becomes popular enough there will be some sort of merchandise business who will contact Jake and make medusa plushies. like LFG has bunny plushies and CTRL+ALT+DEL has stuffed Zeke and other webcomics do. So everyone lets make Modest Medusa Famous
Jake Richmond (jakerichmond) says:

Yes, please do. I can't wait for my Jake action figure. 

Troy Stevens (maldar) says:

Action figures!!!!

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