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Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Hey everyone, I'm offering a whole bunch of new t-shirts at the brand new Modest Medusa shirt shop. We have 6 different shirts in men and women styles, including one featuring the bitchy mermaids. Just $15 each, which I think is pretty good price. Here's the link.


Jake Richmond (jakerichmond) says:

Oh, Shauna Myers (butcherknife)? You said awhile back that you wrote a review? Who knows if Webcomicsnation will ever actually post it.Anyway, I just wanted tos ay thank you (even though I haven't seen it,a ndI doubt at this point anyone ever will). I appreciate the thought and effort. Unless it was a bad review. 

Jay Thompson (afrokingj) says: Now my imagination can return to other less creepy things... Holy Heck is that a Horse?!
kevin rodriguez (batman) says:

ponyta watches with all seeing eyes!

Jay Thompson (afrokingj) says: What Medusa's mom is doing during this whole bit
Shauna Myers (butcherknife) says:

Hey Jake. I did write a review and have been a sad monkey at their lack of posting it. All good things said I swear! :)

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